Who was the Imam of Hazrat Fatemeh امام زمان حضرت فاطمه که بود؟

مطلبی که در زیر آورده شده مربوط به حضور علامه امینی در یکی از مجالس سنی هاست که که از زبان استاد معاونیان نقل میشه.فوق العاده زیباست .حتما بخونید و فایلشو که گذاشتیم دانلود کنید و ببینید و ببنید و ببنید.در ضمن لینک یوتیوبش هم رو گذاشتیم اگه نخواستید دانلود کنید اونو حتما نگاه کنید حتما نگاه کنید حتما نگاه کنید.

Imam Mohammad Bagher (AS): The tree of chastity is the Prophet Mohammad (S), its trunk is Imam Ali (AS), its root is Fatemeh (AS) (daughter of Prophet Mohammad), its fruits are Fatemeh’s children (Imams of Shia), its branches and leaves are the Shias of Fatemeh (AS)”.
There is true story about Allameh Amini (Author of Al-Ghadir).
Allameh Amini was invited by Sunni scholars for dining while he was in Mecca (I’m not sure in Mecca or Medina). He did not accept it in the 1st place, but they insisted. Therefore, he accepted with a condition that he would go just for dining, not for any discussion, as he was already known for his views. They accepted his pre-condition. They told themselves that when his coming, we would think what to do then!
In that session about 70-80 of Sunni great scholars who has memorized above 10 to 100 thousands Hadith were there.They ate & after dining, they wanted to engage him in to discussion and in this way defeat him, but Allameh Amini reminded them his rule that he was supposed to come just for dining. One of them told, well, he thinks it would be good if each one of the audiences quote a Hadith.
So, in this way, Allameh would be obliged to state a Hadith and that Hadith may could help them to start a discussion. Everybody stated a Hadith, and then it was Allameh’s turn. They asked him for a Hadith from Prophet Mohammad (S).
Allameh said that's ok but I would say a Hadith with one condition that after telling the Hadith, each of you should express your view about its reference and its correctness.
They accepted. Then, he said that Prophet Mohammad (S) said: “Whoever doesn’t know his Imam of his time and dies, has died as if he has died during ignorance age or as an atheist”.
Then he asked each of them about the correctness of the Hadith. All of them claimed that the Hadith is correct and there is no doubt about it in all Sunni reference books. Then Allameh said you all are agree with the correctness of the Hadith, well, I have just one question from you, Tell me, did “Fatemeh” know her Imam? And who was her Imam?  Who was the Imam of “Hazrat Fatemeh”? Nobody answered. They were scilent and after a while the just left one by one.
Allah knows that I had this discussion with a Sunni scholar in “Masjid Al Haram” and he was an expert & knowledgeable man. He was just laughing! I asked him, tell me the answer, and he just laughed.
I became angry and told him, what are you laughing at? He replied, I’m laughing at myself.
I told him, are you laughing at yourself? He replied, "Yes". I asked him why? Because I don’t know how to answer your question. If I say Fatemeh didn’t know her Imam of her time it means, she has died as unbeliever and atheist and that can’t be true that the ladyship of all the women in the world didn’t know her Imam.  Never, ever! If I say that she knew her Imam, then how can I say, Abu Bakr was her Imam while Bukhari in his book has written the fact that Fatemeh died while she was so angry at Abu Bakr & Umar, and it’s impossible for her to be angry at her Imam!
Fatemeh is our strongest reason. By Fatemeh, there is no place for hiding the truth. Hence, reviving of Fatemeh’s name and crying for her martyrdom is invitation to monotheism. Crying for Fatemeh and that burned door & fired house, is crying for the Holly Quran, which was burned!
They have killed Zahra, Mother of her Father, and wife of our master...

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